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Totalily Water Gardens first opened its doors back in 1997 (we officially closed in 2017 after having been in business for 20 years). Our goal was to offer the water gardening community a top-notch, one-stop shopping center geared exclusively for their needs. We aimed to meet that goal every single day by providing the highest quality customer service and by presenting the most current information and technology as it pertained to water gardening.

Education was a major focus for Totalily Water Gardens. In addition to hosting an annual pond tour, we provided free water sample testing and informational handouts (many of them still available here), as well as video and book loans. We were also available to teach various water gardening related classes, whether onsite at Totalily Water Gardens or at offsite locations.

While we weren't in the pond installation or maintenance business, we were more than happy to meet with folks for an onsite consultation. We also referred people to one of the many contacts we had with contractors in the area who were able to further assist them in making their water gardening dreams a reality.

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